Current Events

The Information on this page mirrors the weekly bulletin Church Notes, as well as Concordia Connections, our monthly newsletter.  It is updated weekly with the latest news and information.

 Calendar – October 2017

October 2 – Relative Caregivers – 6:30 PM

October 4 – Wednesdays in the Word – 6:30 PM

October 7 – Elders – 8:00 AM

LWML – 10:00 AM

Fall Clean-up – 9:00 AM

October 9 – Trustees – 4:30 PM

October 10 – Stewardship – 6:00 PM

Trail Life – 6:30 PM

October 11 Through 13 – Mid South Pastors Conference

October 13 – Reformation Choral Concert University of Memphis – 7:15 PM

October 14 – Starlight Symphony – 6:30 PM

Octoberfest Immanuel Lutheran Memphis – 10 AM to 2 PM

October 15 – Acolyte Training – Immediately following Divine Service

Ballroom Dance Class – 1:30 to 3:30 PM

October 17 – Council – 6:30 PM

Trail Life – 6:30 PM

October 18 – Wednesdays in the Word – 6:30 PM

October 25 – Wednesdays in the Word – 6:30 PM

October 28 – Trail Life Fundraiser

October 29 – Reformation Celebration / Pot Luck

Jackson Symphony Orchestra presents:

“Starlight Symphony”

Saturday October 14

on the grounds of the First Presbyterian Church

(1573 N. Highland Ave.).

6:45 PM Carillon Concert

7:30 PM Symphony Concert

reformationThe Youth Group will be hosting a German Meal and showing the new Martin Luther movie on October 22nd.  The movie will begin at 3:30 and dinner will follow. This event will be a fundraiser for the youth. 



feedEach One Bring One….food item: This is a reminder that in order to keep our food pantry well stocked, we are asking each family to bring one non-perishable food item to church each Sunday.  Sending an item or two for the Blessing Bags is also a good way to support those around us who are in need.  Our personal care bags with toiletry items have also been in demand lately, so we can use more trial sizes of soap, shampoo, toothpaste/toothbrushes, deodorant and the like.

Concordia’s recycling program is now taking computer hard drives. (not monitors or keyboards) All information will be totally erased and all recyclable parts will be recycled.  You may leave it in the recycle building at the corner of the parking lot or give it directly to Rick Ribble.  All funds gained from recycling are applied to our portico mortgage.

Be a good steward of your trash!

We take clean food cans, aluminum drink cans, old tools/screws/nails, old metal gutters, aluminum siding or windows, old brass plumbing or fixtures, copper wire/piping/fittings, old bicycles/ceiling fans/vacuum cleaners, washers/dryers/kitchen ranges—even the lids off glass jars (i.e. pickles, relishes, spaghetti sauce lids).  We also take old car/tractor batteries and computer hard drives.  Nothing is too small, or too big!  If you can’t bring it to our recycle shed, call our in-house recycle guy, Rick Ribble, and he’ll come get it.

Plastic shopping bags (especially colorful ones) are useful for our plastic mat project.  And cardboard is a staple in our recycling efforts!  It helps us if you flatten those cereal/cracker/facial tissue/pop tart and other small cardboard boxes, layer inside a larger cardboard box, then bring in the larger one when it is full of cardboard!